There are moments when you feel disconnected from Source. Like all the meditation, prayer, chanting, retreats, etc., seem like a chore and you would rather be doing something else, or you feel your life gets too busy. From time to time, even the most spiritual of people get to a point where they feel somewhat lost. They might even feel disconnected from Creator for whatever reason. Maybe their life situation changed or they lost someone in their life. People’s faith get tested in many different ways. It’s not that people stop believing (although some do), but that they’ve gotten away from their center there’s some important lesson to learn.

I recently went through this myself. This year, I decided to get outside of my practice to attempt to meet people where they are. I was able to write a new meditation, workshop, book a couple speaking events, and even created a wellness series at a local co-working space. I did a lot over the Summer into Autumn. However, with all that activity, I neglected myself and it took a toll on me. I got so stressed out trying to expand my practice, I forgot to do the work on myself. I stopped doing morning meditation, stopped journaling, and eventually put it off to the side. Soon enough, my focus was on everything external.

Life has a funny way of showing you what to work on. In our spiritual and healing journeys, we’ve learned that if something keeps showing up in our lives we need to look at it. During my time away from my healing work, many recurring problems showed up in my life but because I was so disconnected, I couldn’t see anything. Eventually, all those issues caught up to me and I was forced to look at everything. It’s like the Universe held up a big mirror and forced me to look at it and deal with the problem. After doing some healing work, I realized how extremely selfish I became. I got so caught up in growing and achieving that I stopped taking care of myself. In that moment, I realized that I was never disconnected from Creator.

Recognizing Our Connection

When people feel disconnected, it’s usually because they’ve switched their focus from internal to external. It’s not that we shouldn’t pay any attention to anything going on outside of us. It’s unrealistic to live in a bubble that is just us and our spirituality. But when we get away from our center and focus strictly on the external, we forget about that Divine connection and the tools in helping us with introspective work when messages come up. We often miss the messages when they do arrive only for the issues to get worse until we deal with them. Then we remember our connection.

We’re never really disconnected from the Universe, just missing the signs. In my case, I wasn’t disconnected, I just wasn’t listening. I was given many different signs and I just didn’t listen. Having Creator put a big mirror in front of my face was the best thing for me. It forced me to do the work on myself and I’m happier for it. Signs for introspective work show up in many different ways. One of the ways for me was through dreams. For others, it may be a repetitive pattern at work, home, or with friends. When those signs show up, it’s a message for you telling you to pay attention, to look at something. Even if you’re feeling disconnected, those messages are a sign that the Universe is looking out for you. It’s up to you to do the rest.

If you keep your eyes and ears open, you’ll know when you’re being spoken to. Even if it may seem like you’ve lost your connection to Creator, you’re never disconnected.