As metaphysical and energy work grows more popular and attractive to the mainstream crowd, many people are jumping into new information and practices that were once kept in niche crowds. Many people are seeking new information on the web, social media, and even through meetup groups. This has led to an explosion of positive feeling and inspirational quote pages, ASMR videos, meditation music, crystal shops, and the like. It’s even inspired people to become healers themselves and they’ve started learning and using various modalities to use on others, and people have started declaring themselves conscious or ‘woke’ (one of my least favorite terms). However, one thing that is not pushed enough in these communities is ‘The Work.’ This is the most important part of any spiritual journey and there is enough information out there on the web, or any spiritual text that teaches this.

The truth is, all healing and true healing happens within the work. I’m not talking about just meditation or yoga, or even working out or changing your diet. I’m talking about the emotional work. The deep subconscious work that impacts our lives behind the shell we show to the outside world. The work in which we examine our belief systems, raw emotions, and face our greatest obstacles. This healing work changes us on a cellular/DNA level and reprograms us body-mind-spirit to create changes and live our lives in a way more aligned with our truth. This allows us to manifest and attract people, things, and opportunities in our lives that are in our highest and best. However, while this sounds amazing and the benefits from the work are beyond words, many people resist the work.

But why would anyone resist doing the work?

Doing the work creates freedom from fear, old resentment and anger, and even energetic cords that held us back from connecting to our truth. But, it also brings with it examining a number of beliefs, emotions, or issues that may cross over into other areas in our lives. We see how things may connect and it can be scary. Facing these issues brings up a number of fears we have and stop us from doing the healing that deep down, we know we want and need. While this isn’t a complete list, I’ve noticed a few common beliefs that people have that keeps them resistant to doing the work:

1) “I’m afraid of change.”

Yes, doing the work creates change in your life, sometimes massive change. And that change is very unfamiliar and that unfamiliarity is scary. But that’s the point of doing the work. One of the main reasons we do the work is because something in our lives isn’t working and we’ve had enough of it. If we were completely fine with our lives, we wouldn’t be looking to expand. If you want to connect to and live your truth, some things in your life have to change. That change is going to be uncomfortable, and that’s ok. One of the things you gain through the work is trust, and the more you trust in the Universe, the more comfortable you’ll get with the changes you experience.

2) “I’ll fail doing The Work/The Work will fail me.”

This seems like an unlikely fear but it does show up more often than you realize. Some people have this belief in which they will do the work and it won’t matter. You may have heard people say things like, “I’ve tried meditation and it didn’t work.” That belief has assumed that a tool for the work has failed them and it’s unlikely that they’ll try again. It also can be that the person wanted to try that tool and was disappointed it didn’t work for them. Because of this, they feel that they failed.

One challenge people face is that they expect these tools and modalities to work for them right away. Every modality takes constant work. As a beginner, everything seems hard or like it’s not working. You may not notice it but it is but even if it isn’t, it may mean you need something else before that tool. Also, not every modality is for everyone. If you enter into a space with expectation that it will work and it doesn’t, you may be discouraged from doing the work in the near future. Keep an open mind and allow yourself to experience the modality for what it is with no expectations.

3) “I may not do it right.”

This may seem like a silly belief but it’s not uncommon. This one stems from people who are already doing the work and it seems like they aren’t progressing. Meanwhile, the people around them, who are also doing the work, are progressing in their lives and it seems like it’s very fast. This is discouraging so they feel they may be doing something wrong which leads to them eventually stopping. They feel like they were doing something wrong and therefore it doesn’t work. If this is you, I assure you that you’re doing nothing wrong. Everyone’s healing journey is different. Different people require different things and need to learn different lessons. The issue starts when you begin to compare yourself to everyone else’s progress. Healing is not a competition nor is it a race. It is a personal journey that teaches you the lessons unique to you to give you exactly what you need. If you’re constantly focused on others, you’ll miss the healing right in front of you. Stay the course and keep yourself centered on your path.

4) “I might see something I don’t like.”

Oh, yes… seeing things you don’t like makes you very uncomfortable. This belief stops so many people from starting and is probably the most common of the beliefs on this list. In doing the work, you’re going to come across a lot of things you don’t like. Some of which you wish you didn’t see. You might find yourself disgusted at what you dig up in the introspective work. However, the fear of seeing something you don’t like, while very valid, is running from the very thing you need to resolve. The reason you started the work in the first place is because those things you don’t like are holding you back from your truth. In order to get to it, you’re going to have to be brave and resolve those ugly issues. Yes, it could be painful, but there’s no other way I know of than to face it at its core. Don’t allow this to stop you from doing the work. Be brave and stand up to it. Getting the ugly out of the way allows the beautiful part of you to come forward and frankly, wouldn’t you want that to show instead? Do the work in spite of that.

I’d love to say this gets easier and it does a little, but that doesn’t mean you’ll like everything you uncover. Even then, stand tall and keep going.

5) “I have to be responsible for what I see.”

If there’s anything that scares people from the work, it’s this. This ties in with the previous one and it hits everyone at the core. I could’ve tied these together but they are separate issues. One of the things about doing the work is that you have to look into the mirror and see everything about yourself. When people see what’s going on, they realize in order to heal, they have to take responsibility for it… and no one wants to take responsibility for their dark side. But not only do they have to take responsibility for it, they have to own it too! This scares people. Who want to be responsible for, let alone own their dark side?

I’ve often felt that ownership and responsibility are major issues that have become a collective consciousness issue and it shows up in healing work. People struggle with being responsible for and owning many things in their lives from the very simple to the most complicated. This major issue creates an inner struggle where people have to create a veil of lies just to be able to live. No one wants to admit their shadow side, or even look at it. It’s ugly, I know. But if this is something that’s there, or you’re doing something that’s affecting people in a negative way, you’re doing it and it’s real! And no amount of lying to yourself about it not being there isn’t going to make this thing you don’t like go away. It’s time for you to own it. This is it! It’s here and it’s not going anywhere until you do something about it! What you have to do is decide if this thing you don’t like is worth holding on to and if you’re ready to heal it. Yes, it’s going to mean things will change, but that change is going to be much greater than the junk you’ve held on to for so long. But first, you need to own it and take responsibility for it. Once you’ve done that, then you can make the decision to heal.

Bonus: “I’m too old.”

Tell that to Louise Hay. She was 53 when she started the work and even used it to cure herself from cancer. Tell that to Colonel Sanders who was 62 when he fried his first piece of chicken. I could go on about many others who changed their lives around who were considered “past their prime,” so don’t give anyone that garbage. Do the work!

Yes, the work is hard, it’s long, it will last your entire life. But it’s worth it. Do any of these resonate with you? Re-read this if you have to but don’t let these beliefs stop you from the work. It’s time you lived the life that best represents your truth in the highest and best way, and what better time than now?

Do the work.