I’ve worked with a number of different people from varying backgrounds. Since working together, each of them have experienced some amazing healing and transformations in their journey. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Through one, short, Theta Healing session (over the telephone and from more than 600km away) Tim was able to perform muscle tests and pinpoint limiting beliefs and blockages with which I have struggled for years. I was astonished by the immediate release and the results are amazing. Tim has made a miraculous change in my life.
Jody D.

Bancroft, Ontario

My Theta session with Tim was an exhilarating  eye-opening, emotional and cleansing experience. He made me feel very comfortable right off the bat. We spoke for a while getting to know each other and talking about the issues I wanted to address before the healing session began, and the transition was easy and relaxed. I felt very safe and comfortable with Tim at all times. Through our dialogue and testing practices a lot was revealed to me about subconscious emotional trauma I was harboring that I had no idea about, as well as thought patterns I adhere to that are not helpful in helping me reach my highest potential. We addressed these issues and healed them one by one. After our session, I felt completely renewed and much, much lighter. Tim helped me release a lot of emotional baggage, and for that I am forever grateful. I also felt that my thought patterning had been reorganized in a much more helpful way, and the results of that were felt immediately. He is a natural, gifted healer, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to utilize this therapy.
Kyla D.

Ferndale, Michigan

When Timothy told me he was doing Theta Healing I asked if it could help with knee problem I had recently developed. He told me he was pretty sure it could so we set an assortment for the next day. When he arrived I was limping badly. He explained the process and I assured him that I was open to the process (my best guess is it works a LOT more effectively when you believe it will). He did his work while I laid there comfortably. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes and my knee began to feel better instantly. Within two hours it was back to normal and hasn’t bothered me since. Thank you Timothy. What you channel is pure awesomeness.
Terry B.

White Lake, Michigan

My experience with Theta Healing felt like a genuine miracle. I have been struggling with overeating for all of my adult life. After one session with Tim, the compulsion was eliminated. I feel more connected with my higher power, more centered and simply, more alive. I’ve had a second session to focus on financial stressors, and that too has shifted dramatically. The attachments I had to my “problems” is gone. I’m feeling peaceful about the parts of my life that aren’t quite where I want them to be but I also have a profound trust and certainty that the life I am meant to live is unfolding before me with divine guidance.
Corinne R.

Detroit, Michigan

As I sat in my home recording studio, with my hands in Tim’s, pulling beliefs and healing my broken soul, I had the most beautiful vision. I was on a playground as an 8 year-old girl, approaching a roundabout and on the other side of it I see people with whom I’ve had broken relationships (my dad, two ex-boyfriends, my best friend, my mother). They stand there with stern faces, disapproving eyes, and rigid bodies. I feel paralyzed and terrified about taking those steps to get on the roundabout and be joyful. This is a representation of a past fear of being happy (and I say past because we healed this in me during this session). It was a fear of being my whole self, with all of my authentic excitement and joyous energy. I have always felt, at my purest state, like an innocent child. What’s interesting about this vision is that I saw myself at the age of 8 (the exact age I was when my parents split up, I was ripped from my school and friends, and I approached the day my grandfather committed suicide). That year I felt my innocence being tainted, and along with it I shoved my femininity, vulnerability, and childlike demeanor in a closet. It was time to grow up, leave that behind, and face the future in an orderly and centered fashion. No more playtime. Get to work! As I stood there in this vision, feeling the compassionate touch and warm light of Tim’s presence, I felt safe enough to take a step forward. When I stepped onto the roundabout, at the same time that Tim entered into focused prayer, the faces and demeanor of those figures changed. My spirit felt light and free, the roundabout began to move, and the figures ascended into the sky as God’s/The Creator’s responsibility. The roundabout went faster and faster, and I sat on the bars with my arms lifted to God, receiving his light and love and expressing my whole self without resistance. This is just one example of the experiences I have with Tim. I have truly grown through our theta healing sessions. I am becoming more and more of who God created me to be, and I am learning so much along the way. There are parts of our being that we sometimes need help accessing, and having guidance and companionship makes it easier to navigate. I strongly recommend theta healing with Tim for everyone who is interested in spiritual growth and healing or wants to break down barriers in their career, relationship with themselves, love life, etc. I have no doubt that they will see progress and notice a big difference.
Alesha B.

Livonia, Michigan

I had the opportunity to experience Tim’s healing touch when I sought his Theta Healing services. I found my sessions with Tim to be very helpful bringing to light many underlying issues impacting my life and offering some solutions. Tim is a very empathetic professional who made me feel comfortable discussing challenging topics. I highly recommend his services to anyone wishing to uncover a greater sense of inner peace and healing.
Melissa M.

Belleville, Michigan

Before my session, I was hanging around people that were burning off their energy and treating themselves and myself poorly. I was following suit… I’d moved to New York for grad school studying music and decided to drop out due to being taken advantage of by my administration as well as my peers. I was pursuing my other love of yoga and had a unfortunately similar falling out with the faculty due to poor contract management. I was stuck in a delivery job, and felt largely disconnected and confused about what I was doing with my life as my passions had fizzled and caved in on themselves.

After the theta session, it reminded me of my deep intrinsic connection to a larger consciousness flowing through all of us. I’ve never been a religious person but it helped me sense my unity with people that cared about more than themselves and their small-minded worlds. It revitalized my sense to contact people that were actually going to help me thrive and I ended up doing just that.

My yoga practice got stronger, my music got more focused, and a lot more opportunities and like minded people started to show themselves. I soon made a life changing move to a music studio just about a month later. My passion reignited, my connection and intuition sharpened, and my personal power became clearer to my community and myself.

I can’t thank Tim enough for allowing me to reach out to him at the perfect moment but maybe this testimonial will be a good start 😉

I highly recommend making the call to allow this work to flow through you.

Erik J.

Denver, Colorado

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