ThetaHealing® Session

  • In a clearing session, we utilize ThetaHealing® to help create a healing in a particular area of your life. We begin by asking what area of your life you’d like to change now. In the session, we will be diving into your subconscious mind, looking at beliefs and blocks you may not be aware of. We will be using digging work to find bottom beliefs, muscle testing, visualizing techniques and others to help in creating a healing in your life. Most things can be cleared up in 1-2 sessions, others may take longer. Healing is a process so it’s important to not to rush it.  All sessions are confidential and you will be completely supported throughout each session. To prepare for a session, it’s important to be hydrated as it helps with muscle testing. I recommend drinking at least an 8 oz glass of pure water before a session. Sessions can be done in person, over the phone, or over Skype/Hangouts.

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Additional Services

The Infinite Transition Workshops

I hold different workshops varying on different themes to help people in various areas of their lives. Each workshop will focus on a particular objective that will help you to create something new in your life. Each workshop will have a series of exercises that will help create clarity around the particular them of the workshop. Some ThetaHealing® will be used in the workshop as well to help with clearing limiting beliefs and downloading new ones. Workshops will be listed on the events page.

Public Speaking

I enjoy public speaking and love to speak on various topics around ThetaHealing®, my journey, and other spiritual topics surrounding our lives. For more information, visit my speaker page.

ThetaHealing® Certification Classes

If you’re interested in learning how to do ThetaHealing®, we would love to have you as a part of the community. Many people learn ThetaHealing® for different reasons. Whether it be for yourself or to incorporate it into a practice you already have, this is a great tool that will serve you and many others.
In addition to certification classes, there are also one day workshops that require no certifications at all.  Each of these classes will be listed on my events page for you.


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