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Soul Retrieval & Forgiveness Meditation|Every 3rd Tuesday @ 6pm

Next Meditation: September 17
Outsiders Hair Studio & Salon | Reno, NV

A Soul Retrieval is a process that involves reclaiming your soul fragments from a traumatic incident and returning them to you, and releasing the trauma itself. 

In a traumatic situation (fight, injury, argument, etc.), we lost pieces of our soul to someone or something. Losing pieces of our soul can contribute to a lack of energy, emotional issues, feelings of being lost or hopelessness, and many more. While our soul fragments are gone, they can be retrieved through a process called soul retrieval. Experiencing a Soul Retrieval may begin to help eliminate some of the effects from previously experienced trauma.

In this meditation, you will be guided through a Soul Retrieval and forgiveness process using the Theta Healing method by Vianna Stibal.

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Upcoming Events

ThetaHealing® Healing Meditation: Total Body Reset & Harmonizing
September 22 1pm | Wild Moon Studio Reno, NV

ThetaHealing® Healing Meditation is a monthly meditation series that guides your through a meditative healing process utilizing the Theta Healing Technique. This interactive meditation focuses on a specific topic and guides you through the healing process, allowing you to be the healer to get the results you need. Every month features a new topic to experience a new healing.

This month’s meditation: Total Body Reset & Harmonizing

Our bodies are our temple and help us do so many wonderful things. With all the work and stress put on it, you tend to feel a bit fatigued, even if you get good sleep. Even with things like massage, chiropractic care, and other body wellness tools, your body still may not feel whole and healthy. It may be time for a total reboot for your body. In this healing meditation, you will be guided through a journey of resetting your body by shutting down and restarting each of the body’s systems one by one. After each system gets rebooted, we will harmonize each one allowing you to have a deeper, more natural connection to your body. This will allow you to finally feel like you are fully rested and your body whole and complete.

You may think, “is it possible to do this?” YES, it is!! Through the Theta Healing process, we can build a bridge between the subconscious mind and the body by connect with All That Is (God, Source, Universe, etc). Arrive early to get settled in.

Cost: $35
Pre-register online or pay at the door. Walk-ins welcome.

Raise Your EQ: Connection and Integration of Emotions For Optimal Wellbeing

October 5 2pm | Living Free Healing Center, Chico, CA

October 18 2pm|Ascension Healing Arts Center Southfield, MI


What would it be like to raise your EQ? What would be in like to be in harmony with it and be able to keep it balanced and adjust it when necessary so it’s always aligned perfectly? When I say EQ, you may think of an equalizer for a sound system but I’m actually speaking about your emotions and emotional state.

Just like we have an IQ (intelligence quotient), we also have an EQ (emotional quotient). Our emotional quotient measures our emotional intelligence, how aware we are and in touch we are with our emotions. The higher the emotional intelligence, the more we’re about to feel and connect with our emotions organically.

Sadly, we live in a society that has devalued our emotions. We have been taught that emotions are a sign of weakness and have no value. Because of this, many of us have lost our connection with our emotions and lack emotional intelligence. What if there was a way you could regain that? What if you could have a healthy relationship with your emotions and learn how to navigate them?

Our emotions are nothing to fear or feel bad and ashamed about. They are completely natural and are actually our internal guidance system. Our emotions are natural signals into how we feel at any given time and can lead us toward a resolution to a challenge we may be facing. By raising our EQ, we can connect deeply with our emotions and contribute more to the world.

In this workshop, you will experience the following:

– Learn how to connect and honor your emotions without being overwhelmed or ashamed by them.
– Learn how emotional constipation leads to psychosomatic issues and how you can detox emotionally.
– Use your emotions to connect with your inner child and create a healing with that.
– Use your emotions to e
– Learn how to use “anger” as a tool for empowerment without allowing it to consume you.
– Experience new subconscious downloads utilizing the ThetaHealing® Technique that allow you to embrace your emotions naturally.

This workshop is for you if:

– You struggle with expressing your emotions.
– You haven’t cried in a long time or you cry too often and need help navigating your emotions.
– You struggle with communicating how you feel to other people.
– You feel scared, guilty, or ashamed expressing how you feel to others and want to learn how to do so freely.

Pre-registration is required! Register today. Limited space available (24 spots).

Cost:  $87.00