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Soul Retrieval & Forgiveness Meditation|Every 3rd Tuesday @ 6pm

Next Meditation: November 19
Outsiders Hair Studio & Salon | Reno, NV

A Soul Retrieval is a process that involves reclaiming your soul fragments from a traumatic incident and returning them to you, and releasing the trauma itself. 

In a traumatic situation (fight, injury, argument, etc.), we lost pieces of our soul to someone or something. Losing pieces of our soul can contribute to a lack of energy, emotional issues, feelings of being lost or hopelessness, and many more. While our soul fragments are gone, they can be retrieved through a process called soul retrieval. Experiencing a Soul Retrieval may begin to help eliminate some of the effects from previously experienced trauma.

In this meditation, you will be guided through a Soul Retrieval and forgiveness process using the Theta Healing method by Vianna Stibal.

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Upcoming Events

ThetaHealing® Healing Meditation: Healing Through Your Story
November 17, 1pm | Wild Moon Studio Reno, NV

ThetaHealing® Healing Meditation is a monthly meditation series that guides your through a meditative healing process utilizing the Theta Healing Technique. This interactive meditation focuses on a specific topic and guides you through the healing process, allowing you to be the healer to get the results you need. Every month features a new topic to experience a new healing.

This month’s topic is: Healing Through Your Story

“You are not your story.”
“You do not have to tell your story.”

These words and teachings have been told throughout many years and from many teachers. It has been said that our stories are the things we tell that keep us stuck in the past. Our stories have been used as reasons to why we can’t do anything and if we just let go of the story, then we can accomplish anything. However, is that all we need to do, or is there more to it?

There is a difference between telling our story and facing it. Our stories are not just used to hold us back, they also hold our truth and the healings that we’ve been avoiding because the stories may be painful. What people really mean when they say they don’t want to tell their story is, “I don’t want to feel the pain again,” but the only way to heal is through the pain you’ve been avoiding.

Whether we choose to tell our story or not, we carry it with us and act it out if we haven’t healed it. In this meditation, you will be guided on a journey into the stories you’ve buried to face and heal the pain, trauma, and shadow that’s impacting your life on a subconscious level. You are invited to bring in the stories you’ve hidden and buried so that you can release and make peace with them.

You may think, “is it possible to do this?” YES, it is!! Through the Theta Healing process, we can build a bridge between the subconscious mind and the body by connect with All That Is (God, Source, Universe, etc). Arrive early to get settled in.

Cost: $35
Pre-register online or pay at the door. Walk-ins welcome.

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Certification

w/ Dawna Campbell
December 13-15 | Circles Edge Center For Spiritual Living Reno, NV

Join Dawna LIVE as she teaches these first foundational seminars in ThetaHealing®!

Basic DNA Truly a life changing seminar for those who are ready to evolve and experience positive changes in life, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. If you want to begin to transform your life, experience healing, or desire to help others, this seminar is where to start. During this 3 day Certification seminar, you will learn a simple meditation technique utilizing a theta brain wave that will transform how you do everything. You will discover how your experiences formed patterns of behavior, called beliefs, and how to replace the old patterns. In addition, you will discover how to create new energy patterns to attract what you desire to create in life and so much more!

Registration Fee: $100
Seminar Fee: $425
Total: $525

Dawna Campbell has an international private practice where she works with clients in the areas of improving health, wealth, and relationships utilizing the ThetaHealing technique. She also travels as a motivational speaker and instructor sharing the techniques that she uses in interactive workshops. Her personal heart centered healing philosophy uses Universal Love Force Energy to create a happier world. Dawna resides in Bigfork, MT.
For more information or to register for the seminar, visit

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