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Theta Healing Sessions | Wednesdays & Thursdays Noon-6pm 
Earthe Energe | Sparks, NV

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Upcoming Events

Introduction To ThetaHealing® September 27 | 6pm
Earthe Energe | Sparks, NV

Have you ever felt like there was something holding you back in your life that you can’t explain? Have You may have noticed certain patterns in your life constantly repeat themselves, even when you thought you were finished with them?
These are not coincidences but can be traced back to our beliefs that we hold. It is known that our thoughts create our reality. However, our feelings and beliefs influence our thoughts, which determines our actions that create our reality. These beliefs were acquired throughout our lives through various experiences. What if I told you there was a way to reprogram your beliefs that would break the old patterns to allow for new, positive beliefs to replace them?
Theta Healing is a modality that allows for deep introspective healings to happen on a deep mental, emotional level in a short amount of time. By utilizing focused thought, meditation and prayer, we can reprogram our beliefs from negative to positive, to allow us to live our lives and become our greatest selves, without the baggage of the past.
Theta Healing has helped people resolve issues with mental/emotional challenges, financial issues, business & career struggles, relationship issues, and others. Learn more about Theta Healing in an upcoming introduction.
– Learn about the history of Theta Healing, how it works, and how it differs from many other healing modalities.
– Learn about the subconscious mind and how your past experiences affects your daily life to this day.
– Learn about how we discover deep rooted beliefs and experience a reprogramming of a belief.
– Experience a healing meditation in the Theta Brainwave State.
Cost: $5 Donation is accepted