In the healing arts, we come across many different practices that help us clear, release, and heal from many different things such as subconscious blocks, trauma, and more. We meet many different people that practice these healing arts who use them to help people transition from a state of illness or strife to a state of optimal wellness. We dub these people as “healers” and give them the responsibility for making us well again.

From one perspective, this is a great thing. Seeking outside help with the intention of becoming optimally well. Think about when you get sick and see a doctor. However, are we actually “healing” people? Are we fully responsible for a person’s healing and transformation or is there more to the process that isn’t being talked about enough?

What is a Healer?

According to, a healer is defined as 1) a person or thing that heals and 2) a faith healer. The first definition implies that something has to heal you while the second implies a process such as ThetaHealing®, Reiki, or the like (although, I strongly dislike the term faith healing).

Healers in the healing arts often feel they do both. Many promote themselves as people who have gifts and abilities to help people move from one point to another using their tools. They talk about how they connect with energy from The Universe and use it to connect with people to help heal them from whatever they’re dealing with.

But wait a sec… if they’re connecting with The Universe and using that to heal people, are they actually healing people themselves…?

Healing vs. Facilitating

In my journey as a ThetaHealing® Practitioner, I am always in constant connection with Creator/God when I’m doing my work (for those who don’t know, Creator, God, Source, Universe are all the same word to me). Whenever I’m working on someone and I get the OK from them to change a subconscious belief, I silently make a command in my mind’s eye and witness that change happen in the other person’s energy. I am not doing the healing directly, Creator is. I’m just facilitating the process.

All energy healers are essentially facilitators. We do not directly heal people. None of us do. The gifts we have and tools we’ve learned, have allowed us to channel energy to flow through us in order to initiate a healing in others. If anyone tells you they can heal you, they’re not being fully honest. Re-read that if you must.

I remember years ago when I was working with another healer prior to being introduced to ThetaHealing®, I told her that I wanted to use the healing arts to heal people and she told me, “you can’t heal anyone.” I was taken aback at first but then she explained to me that I’m not responsible for people’s healing. Much like a cancer patient, there has to be a will to live in order to recover. That’s why a true healing is a combination of the work with someone and the work away from them. Those words struck me to silence then. Years later, I finally understood.

This is something I think needs to be talked about more often and understood by people who are both seeking the healing arts and those who practice them. The term “healer” is a misnomer. I’m pulling back a bit on calling myself a healer and focusing more on a healing facilitator or practitioner. I only continue to use that word because it’s familiar, for now.

Also, the word healer can be dis-empowering. It implies that you can only get something through me, which is essentially the opposite of what healing is. Healing is not an exclusivity club, it’s for everyone and we need to make sure it stays that way.

Plus, it should be a relief that we don’t have to be fully responsible for people’s healing. This stops all of us from making outrageous claims to produce outcomes we can’t make happen. I can’t guarantee an outcome just as I can’t guarantee the Detroit Lions will win a Super Bowl (it’s my hometown team, I get to say this). It takes work from everyone involved and people have to be open and ready.

With all of this said, I love what I do and I love the people I work with all the time. I’m grateful for this work that found me and will continue to use this practice to facilitate a healing for whoever comes to me. I just know that I’m only one part of a process much greater than myself.