“The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children. ” ~ Jim Henson

Since joining The Wellness Universe, I’ve been exposed to some phenomenal lightworkers and their wisdom. It’s been inspiring to me and encourages me to continue on my path, especially in times when I get off track (everyone has those moments, even healers). TWU features an ‘Inspiration of the Day’ from one of the members. This particular inspiration by Heather Durling of The Phoenix Gathering, which is her organization for empowering survivors of child abuse, talked about how our inner child’s needs are important. I encourage you to read the post here. This post got me thinking about my own inner child’s needs and what I’m doing about it and can do more to honor it.

Over the past year and half, I’ve been salsa dancing regularly. It’s been one of the most fun activities I’ve done in my life so far. After dancing for awhile, I became very addicted to it. I would go out multiple times a week and dance until I was too tired or would have prepare for work the next day. I wanted to get better and being a fast learner, I got better quickly. It’s been an extremely fun adventure with salsa dancing and I continually look forward to the dance nights. However, after awhile, I began to notice a pattern.

As fun as dancing is, I started to use it as an escape from my adult responsibilities. I started to neglect my spiritual practice and my music, two things that are most important to me. After awhile I began to miss it and decided that I was ready to get back into them. I started to go back out to music events and spend some time with ThetaHealing doing some inner work. Slowly, opportunities began to show up in those areas once again. I got a regular music gig once a month, became connected with The Wellness Universe which opens up endless possibilities, and recently was hired to teach at a music studio. Things I not only enjoy but also want to do. With each of those things, I get to be a responsible adult and still have fun at the same time.

Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest topics around the world, particularly in the US, is the topic of work-life balance. There are many people who will work over the required hours during the work week only to come home and turn on Netflix. They give no real time to themselves or care for their well-being with the little time they do have. Many don’t even stop to notice they aren’t happy, identifying themselves only with what they do for income. They don’t even realize what makes them happy, let alone remember it. They’ve forgotten how to be happy. To compound that, we have a busyness culture that praises people for being busy, even if they aren’t accomplishing anything. The old ‘Man Men’ mindset (which is still running people today, mind you), coupled with sayings like, “All work and no play makes Johnny a good boy,” creates a culture in which having fun is looked down upon.

Over the past number of years, there’s been a push back against the workaholic lifestyle to create more of a balance between work and life. There have been various studies done about how more time away from work spending time with family and friends creates a happier person. While some people have figured out a great way to do it certain books have written written about how to do it extremely effectively, most still have no idea how to implement balance into their life. There’s a bit of inauthenticity in getting people to create balance into their life. It isn’t just working less hours, it’s connecting back into you genuine, playful, creative, loving heart. The one that was curious, innocent, that didn’t care about what people think

Children Get This

Children don’t care about what’s logical. They want to have fun! They’re not afraid of being silly, expressing themselves, wild, joyous, curious and have no problems saying “NO” when they don’t want to do something or don’t want something. They live without a care and because of that, everything is new to them. It’s only till about the age of 7 or so that they begin to develop a ‘logical brain’ and they begin to start taking on specific roles. By the time they reach adults, they think fun has to happen within a certain frame (ie. binge drinking, clubbing, etc.). We became so ingrained with our professions we forgot how to live and play.

Adult or Child? Why Not Both?

So many people take life so seriously. They ask you questions like, “Do you want to be an a kid or one of the big boys?” Why not both? It’s not an either/or when it comes to be an adult. You can do both! You can still be an adult, have responsibilities, and still have fun. Just because someone else chose to be a busy bee and buy into that culture doesn’t mean you have to. Honor your inner child and have fun.

In honoring your inner child you discover many connections to the things you already do. Salsa dancing was a great way for me to express myself in addition to music but was also another source of creativity. It influenced my music and made me a better musician. It also helped me on the spiritual side as I came across many things I had to work through and heal. Ultimately, I gained so much confidence through dance and it made my connections to music and spirituality stronger. What I’m learning now is how to balance it better with my other responsibilities.

As Heather says in her post, we are all just kids at heart, and life is so much more enjoyable when we remember how to play again. I encourage you to get out, play and explore with a sense of innocence and curiosity. Take up a new activity. It can be dance or an art class, learning a musical instrument, or it can be something simple like miniature golf (which I LOVE). I’d say go slow but when it comes to having fun, jump in! Get out there and explore! Life really is too short to be miserable all the time. Who knows? You might find your purpose in that space of having fun… and that would be worth it.