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Have you experienced paralyzing trauma in your life physically, mentally or emotionally? Do you feel blocked in your life for unexplainable reasons? All blocks and trauma are a result of beliefs held in the subconscious mind. In working with clearing old beliefs, we begin to heal physically, mentally and spiritually, experience real freedom emotionally and energetically, and create a path to create infinite possibilities in our lives.

Be the most authentic and genuine version of yourself. When you live your truth, you get to create the ideal life you’ve dreamed of without having to put on a mask to show up a certain way. You get to live with the highest integrity, and can attract and have great health, the perfect career, great relationships, and more, easily and effortlessly. You get to live everyday in bliss.

You are more than your current life situation. You hold within you infinite possibilities. As you begin to heal, you step into your true power. It’s here where you get to create the ideal life you’ve dreamed of, creating and co-creating with Divine energy with grace and ease.

Through one, short, Theta Healing session, Tim was able to perform muscle tests and pinpoint limiting beliefs and blockages with which I have struggled for years. I was astonished by the immediate release and the results are amazing. Tim has made a miraculous change in my life.


Bancroft, Ontario, Canada

My experience with Theta Healing felt like a genuine miracle. I have been struggling with overeating for all of my adult life. After one session with Tim, the compulsion was eliminated. I feel more connected with my higher power, more centered and simply, more alive.

Corinne R.

Detroit, Michigan